ArmaFlex® Adhesive 520 IN

ArmaFlex Adhesive 520 IN is based on modified chloroprene rubber in a blend of flammable solvents. The material has low viscosity for ease of application and quick drying characteristics. In the dry state, ArmaFlex Adhesive 520 IN is not flammable. The adhesive is particularly suitable for joining ArmaFlex flexible elastomeric insulation and for bonding the material to clean prepared surfaces. When properly cured the adhesive maintains the resistance to water vapour expected of ArmaFlex. ArmaFlex adhesive 520 IN is also suitable for joining Tubolit flexible polyethylene thermal insulation.

Special Features

  • Easy application
  • Fast drying of the seams
  • Specially formulated for ArmaFlex® insulation
  • Ensures reliable vapour-tight joints
  • For operating temperatures Minimum - 50 °C 
    to Maximum +105 °C
  • One-component industrial adhesive
  • Low viscosity, air drying adhesive