Seamless bonding with adhesives

When selecting adhesives to use for cold applications, look out for the following two properties: 

  • Adhesive - the ability to moisten bonding surfaces, allowing surfaces to stick together 
  • Cohesion - the internal strength of an adhesive as a result of a variety of interactions within the adhesive

For good bonding to be achieved between insulation materials, the adhesive used must be suitable for the project on hand. Contact adhesives are recommended to be used with flexible elastomeric foam insulation materials such as ArmaFlex® as they are solvent-based glues that cure physically and are used to bond non-porous materials. 

How do contact adhesives work? 

As the solvents evaporate, the adhesive molecules on the adhesive layer of the two joining surfaces settle closer together. When these two surfaces are pressed firmly together after tack-time, the deformable surface molecules connect due to strong adhesive forces and weak cohesive forces.

At Armacell, installers are taught to practice partition bonding to enhance the reliability of the insulated system. This means that the insulation material is cut to fit the equipment and are bonded at all penetration areas. 

To find out more about how installers use adhesives for flexible elastomeric foam insulation materials, watch our installation videos here