Armacell offers closed-cell foam insulation for Light Commercial , residential Buildings.

Armacell makes a wide range of insulation products that are suitable to Light Residential and Retail applications.

Accoflex® W has been the preferred flexible elastomeric insulation for commercial plumbing pipes. However, Armacell offers pipe insulation solutions for residential applications, too.

The low thermal conductivity of foam pipe insulation makes it an efficient thermal barrier.  The closed-cell foam structure offers excellent water-vapor transmission properties, which reduce the need for additional vapor retarders. Also, its thermal performance will not be impaired by punctures.

For residential applications, Armacell’s Tubolit® pipe insulation is a practical, cost-effective solution for pipe insulation.  

Accoflex W Attributes:

  • Cost effective and East to Sleeve

  • Tough and Flexible Insulation

  • Smooth powdered inner surface