Armacell offers Class 1 closed-cell foam insulation for Light Commercial & residential Buildings.

Armacell makes a wide range of insulation products that are suitable to Light Residential and Retail applications.

Accoflex® W is closed -cell thermal insulation material with Class 1 fire classification to BS 476 part 7. It is tough and flexible with a smooth and powdered surface for easy installation on copper pipes  used for split air-conditioning systems and VRV/VRF applications.

The low thermal conductivity of foam pipe insulation makes it an efficient thermal barrier.  The closed-cell foam structure offers excellent water-vapor transmission properties, which reduce the need for additional vapor retarders. Also, its thermal performance will not be impaired by punctures.

For residential applications, Armacell’s Tubolit® pipe insulation is a practical, cost-effective solution for pipe insulation.  

Accoflex W Attributes:

  • Class 1 Fire Classification to BS 476 part 7
  • Reliable Condensation/ sweat control
  • Easy to install
  • Tough and Flexible Insulation
  • Smooth powdered inner surface for easy installation
  • Non- corrosive on copper pipes


ArmaFlex Class 0