Armacell Solutions for Building and Construction

Armacell India under its flagship brand ArmaFlex® the world’s leading brand for flexible technical insulation offers thermal insulation materials, covering systems, fire protection and noise control solutions for the Construction Industry. 

Armacell is the pioneer of nitrile rubber insulation technology that offers fiber free and dust free insulation with excellent fire insulation properties and condensation control, which caters to most of insulation applications in air conditioning, refrigeration, industrial etc. 

Armacell offers a diverse range of thermal and acoustic insulation solutions under the brands of ArmaFlex®, Arma-Chek®, ArmaSound®, ArmaFix® and Accoflex®.




ArmaFlex® Alu E : Superior Performance Insulation for ducting solutions across industries

Aesthetic insulation coupled with durability is one of the major industry requirements today. For example, clean rooms are one of the most demanding applications in Pharmaceutical industry where hygiene become the most important aspect of clean room application. Similarly, in Construction or Process industries as well, the ducts and pipes are visible and hence insulation applied on them should be easy to clean and aesthetically appealing. It should not retain any moisture and prohibit any possibility of microbial growth, and of course, conserve energy with minimum heat loss/gain.

High Performance Insulation with Aesthetic covering

The traditional Aluminium-clad insulation products have always faced an ever existing problem of ugly dents, wrinkles and pockets. Thanks to the unique surface pattern, the ArmaFlex® Alu E cleverly disguises most of the imperfections that may occur during installation. The cladding is embossed with ArmaFlex® brand to avoid any counterfeiting which also lends an overall premium feel to the cladding. It’s highly flexible nature further aids fast and easy installation in technical sections.

Water vapour and humidity are one of the biggest hindrances in enabling thermal insulation. With water vapour diffusion resistance (µ) of 60000, ArmaFlex® Alu E ensures that the insulating properties are retained in the most adverse conditions. Moreover the surface can be wiped clean effortlessly which helps in keeping the fungi and microbes at bay, resulting in increased hygiene in the applied area.

Insulation with Superior Fire performance           

In the unfortunate event of a fire breakout, the last thing anybody would want is propagation of the fire to the other sections of the building. Insulation materials are mostly at the forefront and exposed to fire in its early stage. The responsibility to arrest fire propagation naturally comes to insulation.

With compliance to strict norms laid down by Building Regulations, ArmaFlex® Alu E has a big ace up its sleeve. It passes all the requirements of Class 1 as per BS476 Part 7 for surface spread of flame and Class 0 as per BS476 Part 6 and meets Fire category as per 1991 Building Regulations (England & Wales) and the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990. ArmaFlex® Alu E is a non-fibrous, non-itchy, easy-to-clean product. Hence, there is no probability of air contamination due to degradation of the insulation material over a period of time.

Class 0 ArmaFlex® with Arma-Chek® GC: Economical Pre-covered ArmaFlex® System For Resistance To Mechanical Impact

Arma-Chek® GC is a flexible, woven glass fibre covering system for long term mechanical protection of mechanical substrates. Arma-Chek® GC is now available in various colors like Red, Blue, Green & Grey in addition to the original Black covering material.

Class 0 ArmaFlex® with Arma-Chek® GC prevents condensation, reduces energy losses, prevents scratch/mechanical damage and protects against frost on pipes, air ducts and vessels. It is suitable for hot and cold water services, chilled water lines, heating systems, air conditioning ductwork, refrigerated pipework, process and industrial pipework and equipment.

Arma-Chek® GC is an economical covering system with good resistance to mechanical impact and scratch. The combined system of Arma-Chek® GC along with ArmaFlex® substrate forms a Class 0 fire performance and is FM approved.

Now available in new colors!

Arma-Chek® GC covering is now available in 3 new colors viz. Red, blue and Green in addition to the existing Black and Grey. The new colors not only add to aesthetics but also aids in identification of different pipelines (e.g. hot & cold lines).

Arma-Chek® GC is available in pre-covered sheets and tubes as well as separately as Glass Cloth covering along with accessories.


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