Food , Dairy and Beverages Insulation Solutions

Armacell makes a wide range of insulation products that are suitable to the food and beverage manufacturing environment. Because food prep and processing areas must maintain sanitary conditions and be easy to clean, the exposed insulation in these critical areas must meet important standards.

A fiber-free insulation like Class 0 ArmaFlex® is ideal for these environments. Arma-chek Silver is a brilliant covering for ArmaFlex®  insulation designed for fast installation, durability and easy cleaning

 Arma-Chek Silver : UV resistant and durable Silver covering system for faster installation.

UV-resistant, easy-to-clean covering system

Arma-Chek® Silver is a flexible covering system with a double-layer laminate of aluminium coated with a special UV protection and a PVC backing. Due to its attractive silver-coloured surface this is a reliable insulation system which can also be used in applications with high aesthetic requirements. The smooth surface also makes Arma-Chek® Silver very easy to clean. The UV resistance of the multi-layered covering materials is continuously subjected to weathering tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892 (Weather-O meter). Especially on production lines where the insulation is subject to mechanical stress during maintenance work, Arma-Chek® Silver has benefits compared to metal claddings. The material has high mechanical stability whilst at the same time maintaining a certain degree of flexibility. The covering materials provide the insulation with effective protection against mechanical impact, yet are flexible enough to recover from blows, usually leaving no dents in the surface.

Time-saving installation thanks to pre-formed parts

Compared to metal jacketing, Arma-Chek® Silver can be installed in one work step. This allows considerable time-savings – a great advantage in this project with a very tight schedule. The pre-fabricated elbows and T-pieces have also been added to the range. Fabricating these complex shaped pieces is a particularly time-consuming task. Arma-Chek products can be installed easily, directly on site without the need for special tools. The material is easy to cut and highly resistant to tearing and impact. Furthermore, there is no need to provide supporting and load-bearing structures, which are often needed for metal jackets. Because these systems have a higher coefficient of heat transfer than metals and no Parker screws penetrate the insulation during installation, Arma-Chek® Silver generally allows the use of thinner insulation thicknesses than metal jackets.


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