Component Foams Expertise for HVAC equipments and systems

Engineered Foams develops high-performance foams for the use in a broad range of end markets including transportation, automotive, wind energy, sports and construction.

Armacell’s Ensolite® component foam materials are widely used by HVAC manufacturers. Ensolite EF0 semi-open-cell soft foams and SF0 semi-closed-cell foams are extremely conformable, which makes them perfect for use inside air handlers or around chillers. Proper application of these materials enhances the efficiency of HVAC equipment while protecting surrounding spaces from noise and mechanical vibration.  

Armacell products are tested to applicable flame-resistance standards and meet an HVAC manufacturers’ specifications. Like all Armacell products, our component foam is fiber-free and easier to maintain than particulating or fibrous insulation materials.

Tubolit: Thermal Insulation Product Range for domestic heating and plumbing pipework


Tubolit is a high quality CFC and HCFC free, silver-grey, flexible closed cell polyethylene pipe insulation. It is particularly effective for the thermal insulation of domestic heating and plumbing pipe work for energy conservation and frost protection. Tubolit, being flexible, is easy to install. It is not fibrous and creates no dust during installation or use. Tubolit is, as with all other Armacell insulation products, CFC and HCFC free, with an ODP of zero and manufactured to quality standard BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and environmental standard BS EN ISO 14001:1996.

Tubolit S is a highly efficient polyethylene pipe insulation with a durable PE-film covering. Tubolit S is specifically designed to give mechanical protection for in-wall cavity pipelines, which includes resistance to building materials and has a pleasing finish of coat in exposed areas.

Tubolit S-Plus is the ideal solution to insulate in-wall plumbing pipes in a reduced space. It is flexible, easy to install and is provided with a special inner-foil which results in faster install times. The extruder manufacturing process helps Tubolit S Plus to regain its original cylindrical shape and the insulation thickness is optimised for use in limited space, while its robust, seamless outer coating ensures maximum pipe protection.


Tubolit AR Fonowave has been developed to provide extremely good acoustic insulation especially for plastic pipes. With an insulation thickness of 9 mm and its unique waved profile, Tubolit AR Fonowave greatly reduces the transmission of structure-borne noise and lowers the sound pressure level of wastewater and rainwater pipes by 11 dB(A). The product is equipped with a tough foil covering which protects the material against damage while it is being installed on the building site.