NH/ArmaFlex is a halogen-free ArmaFlex insulation solution for stainless steel applications. As a flexible closed-cell insulation material, NH/ArmaFlex provides excellent water vapour diffusion resistance for long-term thermal stability in heating, ventilation and, air-conditioning (HVAC) applications. This ArmaFlex insulation can be used for duct, vessel, or pipe insulation in marine environments, railway vehicles, and special purpose buildings, preventing condensation and saving energy. 

Key features

  • Does not contain halogens (chloride, bromide) according to DIN / VDE 0472, part 815. Fulfills DN 1988 Part 200.
  • A reliable marine insulation solution for shipyards
  • Professional insulation for clean rooms
  • Suitable for use on stainless steel - prevents stress corrosion cracking when installed
  • Can be installed as a duct, vessel, or pipe insulation solution
NH/ArmaFlex is a halogen-free ArmaFlex insulation for stainless steel.
NH/ArmaFlex - flexible halogen-free technology, the right insulation for stainless steel pipes

Armacell. Global presence. Local focus.

ArmaFlex is Armacell's product heritage. The standard ArmaFlex is manufactured across the Armacell world and customised to meet local requirements and often combined with other products into hybrid solutions. ArmaFlex FRV, for example, is compliant with the National Construction Code and fire-tested for vertical pipe chases to NFPA274. 

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