ArmaFlex® Adhesives

ArmaFlex 520

ArmaFlex 520 adhesive is based on a modified chloroprene rubber in a fast-drying solvent blend. The material is low viscosity for ease of application. The adhesive is purpose-built for joining ArmaFlex elastomeric insulation and for bonding the material to clean, dry surfaces. When cured, the adhesive maintains the resistance to water vapour expected of ArmaFlex.

  • Easy application
  • Fast drying of the seams
  • Specially formulated for ArmaFlex insulation
  • Ensures reliable vapour-tight joints
  • For operating temperatures up to +105°C
  • One-component industrial adhesive
  • Low viscosity, air-drying adhesive

ArmaFlex HT625

ArmaFlex HT625 adhesive is a one-component adhesive that is designed to bond ArmaFlex insulation for use on high-temperature lines. This adhesive is intended for use with HT/ArmaFlex® and ArmaFlex® Solar UT to provide secure bonding of joints and seams.

  • Specially formulated for wide range of temperatures and applications
  • Easy application
  • Superior, water-tight bonding of HT/ArmaFlex and ArmaFlex Solar UT insulation systems
  • For operating temperatures up to +150°C
  • High performance, one-component industrial-grade adhesive
  • Low-viscosity air-drying contact adhesive

ArmaFlex Gluemaster

The "Gluemaster gun" is an excellent tool that greatly speeds the application of adhesive and minimises any mess from the over-application that normally occurs with brushes. This tool is comprised of a small storage reservoir, a trigger to deliver the glue, and a circle of bristles fitted around the delivery nozzle. Spare bristles are available in two different sizes.

HT625 Adhesive and Armaflex® Gluemaster
HT625 Adhesive and Armaflex® Gluemaster
Armaflex® 520 Adhesive
Armaflex® 520 Adhesive