ArmaWin – Armacell’s professional insulation thickness calculator

Singapore, 2 November 2020 – Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, today announced the release of its updated insulation thickness calculator, tailor-made for customers in Asia.

The programme improvements include four new features: First, the inclusion of the ASTM C680 standard. Second, the right product recommendation based on the users’ input of product name and system. This is an upgrade from the earlier version when users needed to identify between a tube or sheet insulation material. Third, the tool now offers a simulation of the application without insulation so that users can better understand and explain the need and benefits of the right insulation to their customers. The software also has an update option to receive access to the latest product information available from Armacell.

Commenting on the new software updates, Dr Peter Cheng, Armacell’s Technical Manager APAC explains, “The ASTM C680 is a standard calculation methodology widely adopted and referenced by stakeholders in the Energy and Industrial sectors for insulation thickness design. The incorporation of this standard into the latest version of ArmaWin improves the versatility of the programme. The upgraded function of multilayer selection to ten layers enables user/specifiers to correctly configure the insulation system which suits the requirements for the Energy sector. Additional information such as bare condition allows to compare the effect with or without insulation and understand the efficiency of thermal insulation against bare pipe conditions.

The right insulation material matters as it directly affects the reliability of its long-term performance, especially in condensation control. Based on project details known to specifiers, such as operating temperatures and humidity, ArmaWin can be used to provide them with technical recommendations about the appropriate insulation thickness for their application, as well as the right Armacell product for their project.