Ducting Explored - Key considerations when insulating air ducts

Duct insulation helps in optimising energy efficiency and lowering the overall noise levels within a building. But why does this matter? If we spend as much as 90% of our time indoors, we would want a comfortable environment to live and work in, while not burning a hole in our pockets.


When choosing the right insulation material for your ducting systems, we recommend taking note of these three points


(a) Condensation control 

The right insulation material helps prevent condensation from occurring on the air duct. This reduces the opportunity for mould and fungi to grow, limiting the potential for air contaminants to pollute and circulate indoors.


(b) Drive energy-efficiency 

When there is heat gain along the duct, cooling systems use more energy to cool the supply air. This affects the long-term performance of the system and drives up energy bills. The right insulation material, when correctly installed, will help to prevent heat gain efficiently. 


(c) Acoustic benefits

Air ducts provide a pathway for sound to travel. Insulation that has good sound-absorbing properties can dampen the noise so occupants do not hear the whooshing airflow noise or the loud steps of someone walking along a corridor. 


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