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As the inventors of flexible foam for equipment insulation and a leading provider of engineered foams, Armacell develops innovative and safe thermal, acoustic and mechanical insulation solutions that create sustainable value for our customers. We aim to help you achieve the progress you want in their projects, every step of the way. 


In this know-how series, we simplify the engineering behind insulation so that you can make the informed choice about the right thermal insulation material for your project. You will also learn about how to correctly install our products – which are compliant with local and international regulations (e.g. British Standard 476), to save you the hassle of call-backs or replacements in the future. Still trying to decide? Whatever it is, we’re here beside you for the journey.


// Insulation stripped down

Armacell Know-how // Why insulate

Seen a spike in energy costs? Or water dripping from concealed ceilings? Don't wait for your thermal insulation system to fail to understand why is insulation important. Read more here

Armacell Know-how // Important insulation terms

What are the three basic terms you need to be familiar with when choosing the right insulation material for your project? We simplify it here to help you make the informed choice. 

Armacell Know-how // Moisture test

Discover how three different thermal insulation materials perform in a moisture test conducted by Europe's largest application-oriented research organistion. Read this two-page summary to make the informed choice for your next project. 

Armacell Know-how // Calculate insulation thickness

You've shortlisted the right material to use, but what is the recommended insulation thickness to ensure reliable condensation control for your project? Here's a cheat sheet to help you get the information in just 1 minute with ArmaWin

Armacell Know-how // Insulation stripped down // Condensation control for new projects

Here's a video to guide you with getting the recommended insulation insulation thickness to achieve condensation control for a new project with ArmaWin

Armacell Know-how // Insulation stripped down // Condensation control for existing projects

Here's a video to help you understand the performance of your thermal insulation material to achieve condensation control for an existing project with ArmaWin



// Understanding safety standards

Armacell Know-how // BS 476 Part 7

BS 476 refers to the British standard for fire tests on building materials and structures. Part 7 specifies the test method for measuring the lateral spread of flame along the surface of a test specimen. During the test, the measurements recorded include... Read more

Armacell Know-how // BS476 Part 6

BS 476 refers to the British standard for fire tests on building materials and structures. Part 6 specifies a method of test for providing a comparative measure of a flat material/assembly's contribution to the growth of a fire. It takes into account the combined effect of factors such as... Read more

Armacell Know-how // FM 4924

The FM approval is an approval requirement for insulation material used on the exterior of non-combustible pipes or ducts. This standard uses a full-scale test for pipe and sheet insulation. Tests in this standard are different from the BS 476 standard as... Read more

Armacell Know-how // NFPA 274

The NFPA 274 Standard Test Method is a full-scale test that uses large samples to simulate how insulated pipes in a confined vertical configuration may behave during a growing fire situation. It may be a more realistic assessment as it reflects the actual... Read more

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