ArmaFlex® Accessories

ArmaFlex Insulation Tape

This is a self-adhesive tape used to fill gaps, insulate awkward shapes and difficult-to-reach areas. ArmaFlex insulation tape is supplied in rolls of 3mm thick insulation at a width of 50mm.

ArmaFinish 99

ArmaFinish 99 is a water-based coating that uses an advanced terpolymer resin system. When properly applied, the coating helps to protect ArmaFlex flexible  thermal insulation materials against sunlight, UV radiation and chemical attack. The coating when fully cured, maintains the flexibility, resistance to water vapour and fire perofmrance of the ArmaFlex material. The coating may be further strengthened with a random mesh glass fibre scrim in case additional resistance to damage is required.

  • Resistant to weathering and ageing
  • Coating remains elastic
  • Drip-free paint
  • Specially developed for the coating and protection of ArmaFlex insulation materials

ArmaFlex Cleaner

This is a colourless volatile liquid cleaner used for the removal of grease, oils and dirt from surfaces prior to the use of ArmaFlex adhesives or ArmaFinish 99 paint. The cleaner may also be used to clean ArmaFlex adhesive off brushes and tools.

ArmaFlex Knife Set

Completing the comprehensive range of ArmaFlex accessories, Armacell also offers a set of professional cutting knives together with a sharpening stone and plastic tube for safe storage. This will help installers cut the ArmaFlex tubes and sheets cleanly for making high-quality joins.

ArmaFinish 99 and ArmaFlex Cleaner
ArmaFinish 99 and ArmaFlex Cleaner
ArmaFlex Insulation Tape and Knives
ArmaFlex Insulation Tape and Knives