Component Foams gaskets and seals for multiple OEM markets

Armacell’s Component Foams products are used for a wide range of mechanical and automotive parts. Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and fabricators use these foams in transportation and other equipment made throughout Europe and across the globe.

A common use is for gaskets and seals, which protect systems from liquid or dust. These parts must meet strict standards set by associated industries. Monarch and Ensolite products are sold for gaskets and seal use.



Elastomeric Closed-/and Semi-Closed Cell Foam Rolls

The premier, high-performance, elastomeric closed-cell foam, engineered to meet specific design considerations for fabricated products.
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Fine Closed-Cell Polymeric Bun Products

Monarch is an established name representing quality and innovation in polymeric foam buns. Monarch products serve many industries including automotive, industrial, electronics, military, sporting goods, marine and specialty markets.