ArmaPET® Shape

ArmaPET® Shape particle foam offers maximum design flexibility to produce lightweight rigid 3D foam parts using innovative fusion technology.

// Zero-waste production: no milling or cutting needed

// Foaming directly inside the mould

// Integrated functions: built-in concept with skins and inserts possible

// Superior production efficiency thanks to reduced complexity

// Outstanding thermal stability


ArmaPET Shape 3D is the first fully recyclable mouldable particle foam entirely made of recycled plastics. This is our solution for cost-effective production of ready-to-use 3D shaped structural foam parts.

ArmaPET Shape targets large volume applications in many industries, where lightweight yet strong 3D plastic parts are prerequisites for a successful product design. One example is the automotive industry, where ArmaPET Shape is used to replace aluminium sheets for bodies, chassis or engine hoods, as well as structural add-on parts such as spoilers.



ArmaPET Shape allows for a wide range of processing temperatures up +180°C / +356°F and is ideally suited for fast curing processes at elevated temperatures. It is extremely tolerant to high-peak exothermic reactions and shows no degradation of material properties even in the case of hot spots.



The fine, smooth surface structure of ArmaPET Shape moulded foam parts provides an excellent bond to facing layers and limits resin uptake without additional treatment or the need for extra layers. It is compatible with any commercial resin system and thermoset material.

Water or liquid ingress is prevented by the closed cell structure, which ensures that the excellent mechanical properties remain unchanged over time. In addition, ArmaPET Shape moulded foam parts exhibit excellent insulation properties:



Like all ArmaPET products, ArmaPET Shape shows a positive eco balance. Its environmental benefits outperform comparable particle foams currently available on the market:

» Based on 100% recycled plastics

» Manufactured and processed in an eco-friendly manner without using CFCs or HCFCs

» Fully recyclable after use