ArmaPET® Curve

ArmaPET® Curve is designed for recyclable thermoformable micro sandwich solutions produced in continuous manufacturing processes.

// 100% recycled material supports industry environmental and sustainability directives

// Available in large rolls and sheets

// Micro sandwich solution optimises strength-to-weight ratio

// Excellent three-dimensional thermoformability

// Superior temperature resistant solution for automotive interiors


ArmaPET Curve is the first 100% recyclable and thermoplastic foil product based on 100% recycled plastics. Superior stiffness and compression combined with chemical and temperature stability characterise our innovative technical solution for thermoforming applications. The process versatility of ArmaPET Curve allows it to be used in a wide range of applications:


ArmaPET Curve is used as a lightweight thin core in a micro sandwich set-up with fibre-reinforced laminates for applications in building and construction (e.g. cladding panels and shelters) and in the transport market (e.g. HVAC ducts and automotive interiors).



Its thermoformability allows the creation of various shapes, whether as a part of a micro sandwich or on its own. ArmaPET Curve is used as a lightweight solution in various markets, such as the automotive sector (e.g. for door water shields and roof liners) and the packaging industry (for packaging protection).




The process versatility of ArmaPET Curve allows it to be processed in multiple ways: 

Thermoforming allows for shaping without cutting the foam, thus eliminating core stress concentration and increased resin consumption.

Surface sanding increases the surface roughness to improve adhesion.

Perforation improves adhesion or allows for fibrous felts to stick without applying adhesives.

Die cutting a hexagonal pattern helps the resin to flow smoothly and increases peel strength.



As the first 100% recyclable thermoplastic foil product entirely made of recycled plastics, ArmaPET Curve supports the market’s drive to provide more sustainable product solutions.

»   Based on 100% recycled post-consumer PET

»   100% recyclable after use

»   Manufactured in an energy- and resource-efficient production process

»   Production scrap is returned to process and re-used for foam manufacturing to reduce waste

»   Significant CO2 emission savings: