Knife Set

Completing the comprehensive range of ArmaFlex® accessories, Armacell also offers a set of professional cutting knives together with a sharpening stone and plastic tube for safe storage. This will help installers cut the ArmaFlex® tubes and sheets cleanly for making high-quality joins.



The "Gluemaster gun" is an excellent tool that greatly speeds the application of adhesive and minimises any mess from the over-application that normally occurs with brushes. This tool is comprised of a small storage reservoir, a trigger to deliver the glue, and a circle of bristles fitted around the delivery nozzle. Spare bristles are available in two different sizes.


Arma-Chek® Mastic

  • Provides additional protection to all Arma-Chek glued seams
  • Ensures durable, vapour tight bonding
  • Fast and precise application with convenient cartridges
  • Industrial grade sealant specially formulated for Arma-Chek R coverings
  • Excellent UV and weathering resistance