ArmaSound® RD240

ArmaSound® RD240 is a versatile acoustic absorber designed for use in a variety of acoustic applications. A high-performance sound absorber, it also offers additional barrier (transmission loss) performance and both vibration damping and de-coupling (isolation) properties.

Delivering optimal performance at lower thicknesses than traditional materials, ArmaSound® RD240 is a uniquely advanced open-cell acoustic insulation material. Depending on the thickness chosen, ArmaSound® RD240 offers excellent sound absorption behaviour across the frequency range.

With a density much greater than traditional acoustic absorption materials, it is also suitable for some applications that may call for an acoustic airborne noise barrier.

ArmaSound® RD240 provides a dust- and fibre-free solution that is suitable for use in a range of demanding environments.

The acoustic properties of ArmaSound® RD240 varies depending on formulation, density and thickness. The best results will be achieved by selecting the most appropriate product grade for the type of noise in question.


Key features

  • Excellent sound absorption behavior
  • Easy application and low maintenance
  • Designed for use in demanding environments
  • Compliant to ISO 15665 Classes A to C and Shell DEP Glass D
  • Satisfies acoustic classes 6, 7 and 8 according to NORSOK R-007
  • Highly hydrophobic, open-cell structure designed to resist water ingress
  • Optimum density, air-flow resistivity and complex pore geometry for maximum acoustic benefit