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Armacell congratulates the winners of the trainee competitions

Photo by: Jonas Reidel/ ZDB

In search of the best insulators in the country, the German trade associations held their championships in mid-November. In the German WKS (Heat, Cool and Sound) Insulation Championships, 19-year-old Luca Zeiser (Zeiser Isoliertechnik, Hallabruck/Bavaria) won the gold medal ahead of Verena Probst (Kantwerg Isoliertechnik, Karlsruhe/Baden-Wuerttemberg) and Simon Lohmer (Lohmer Isoliertechnik, Wittlich/Rhineland-Palatinate). In the case of industrial insulators, the title again went to North Rhine-Westphalia this year: Gurgen Gharamanyan from Duisburg (XERVON) took first place in the German Industrial Insulators Championships ahead of Ali Agali from Essen (also Xervon) and Thomas Oldsen from Seevetal (KAEFER Isoliertechnik GmbH & Co. KG).

Armacell congratulates all participants on their outstanding performances and wishes the winners every success at the upcoming European Championships. As in previous years, Armacell was again among the sponsors of the championships and supplied the material for the competition. Thanks to the support of Armacell in the training of the insulation trade, all participants were trained ArmaFlex insulators.

Arming young talent for the challenges of the future
Detlef Kurztusch, trainer at XERVON GmbH: "We are very proud of our trainees, who were able to assert themselves for the third year in a row in a highly competitive competition. The basis for the success of the German insulator training is the dual training system, which is supplemented by the inter-company training facilities. Armacell has been offering ArmaFlex installation training courses at the training facilities for many years and shares its technical know-how with the master insulators working there. Falk Hochscherff, Armacell Sales Manager Germany: "Insulators are energy savers. The profession has a bright future, because without professional insulation in buildings and industry, the climate targets cannot be achieved.”