ArmaFlex System Warranty

Product quality and system reliability are essential elements of the new ArmaFlex System Warranty Plan. This concept, which is unique in the market, allows you to benefit from comprehensive installation courses and an extended warranty of up to 10 years for ArmaFlex products.

Now new: extended warranty for ArmaFlex Ultima, AF/ArmaFlex Evo, NH/ArmaFlex Smart and for projects in shipbuilding

Successful, close cooperation between all those involved in the market is of great importance. From the insulation material wholesaler to the certified insulator, from the specifier to the project developer or installer: Armacell maintains close contacts to all those involved. As a result of more than 50 years of experience in the application of ArmaFlex throughout the world, Armacell is able to provide wide-ranging, wellfounded and highlycompetent advice. This means that you can be absolutely sure to receive a long-lasting, highquality insulation system.