Our new Training Concept

 „We see ourselves as a provider of solutions in insulation technology. That doesn’t just include high-quality products, but also know-how on the perfect use of our systems.”


New training concept for the insulation trade; sharing knowledge and increasing expertise

True to our motto "We deliver more than just good products" we offer applications trainings since many years. We have restructured our seminar programme for the insulation trade and now offer participants a training passport.

The training concept is based on four levels:

  • Basic (Bronze)
  • Professional (Silver)
  • Specialist (Gold)
  • Master (Platinum)

Staying ahead of the curve: The Armacell Training Passport

Cryogenic applications, green building programmes, enhanced noise control, new adhesive systems – the insulation trade is faced with grow­ing requirements and new products and installation techniques are being developed. If insulators are to rise to these challenges and maintain a competitive edge they need the appropriate expertise.

Proof of qualification Qualification  with a promise

To confirm that the participant has successfully com­pleted the practical seminars, the training passport is stamped and signed by the Armacell application specialist.

Certificates which were granted  in the past remain valid. Simply bring a copy of the certificates you have acquired in the past two years to the next training session. Our application specialist will add the training in your training pass.
Thanks to the practical passport format you can now identify yourself as a competent and trained Armaflex installer  - at any time and even on the construction site.

Find here our trainings for the second half of 2017.

Courses for the first half of 2018

12.07 Specialist V Bühl/ Baden
Date Training Location (Germany)
19.01 Professional Training Münster
26.01 Specialist III Münster
02.02 Basic Training Münster
09.02 Professional Training Münster
14.02 Professional Training Gotha
15.02 Specialist III Gotha
16.02 Basic Training Münster
09.03 Basic Training Münster
16.03 Professional Training Münster
21.03 Professional Training Ludwigshafen
22.03 Specialist III Münster
13.04 Basic Training Münster
24.04 Professional Training Nördlingen
25.04 Specialist V Nördlingen
27.04 Professional Training Münster
04.05 Specialist III Münster
08.06 Specialist V Münster
22.06 Basic Training Münster
11.07 Basic Training Bühl/ Baden