NH/ArmaFlex Smart


We are taking our halogen-free insulation material for applications in the building sector to the next level. Our new NH/ArmaFlex will make a real difference for our customers and the industry. 

NH/ArmaFlex Smart. Innovation reloaded.


Based on a break-through technology, NH/ArmaFlex Smart is more flexible than conventional halogen-free insulation materials and easier to install. The product’s UV and ageing resistance are outstanding, ensuring condensation control and high, long-term energy efficiency. NH/ArmaFlex Smart. No halogens.
No compromises.

Less consequential fire damage
Resistant to UV-light and ageing
Easy to install
High mechanical resistance

Wow! That’s how flexible a halogen-free insulation tube can be. The new material feels completely different. The surface is much smoother, and the product is altogether more stable. Armacell has reinvented NH/ArmaFlex.”



Pascal Beuing
Insulator at Schmengler Dämmtechnik
Havixbeck (Germany)


Since consequential fire damage can quickly add up to many times the cost of the actual fire damage, halogen-free insulation materials are particularly required in airports, hospitals, schools, data centres or the pharmaceutical industry. In data centres, a fire can destroy data irretrievably and IT downtime can cost companies dearly. In a fire, halogen-free NH/ArmaFlex Smart releases no corrosive gases, which could form aggressive acids in combination with fire-fighting water.

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