Energy - Oil and Gas 

We focus on delivering sustainable value

Our dedicated energy division comprises solutions for the oil, gas, petrochemical and other energy related industries. The combined acoustic and thermal insulation systems are specifically designed for the demanding onshore and offshore environments. Thanks to their high flexibility and lightweight construction, our insulation systems offer outstanding insulation performance in the harshest of environments. Our team of technical experts support operators, engineers and contractors in optimising the value gained from using our insulation systems. Our team is ready to help you design and install your insulation systems, improving site productivity and installed quality.


Your advantages with Armacell:

  • New technologies and solutions that deliver superior technical performance
  • Flexible, lighter and thinner systems. Easy maintenance. Lower lifecycle costs
  • Mitigation of corrosion under insulation (CUI)
  • Best-in-class noise reduction

Our Products

Insulation Products:

Acoustic Products
ArmaSound RD
ArmaSound Industrial Systems

Covering systems
Arma-Chek Silver
Arma-Chek R
Arma-Chek D

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