fire-retardant structural foam core

ArmaPET® Struct is the versatile and durable solution for structural sandwich applications, with a more environmentally responsible approach.

With this fire-retardant, self-extinguishing version of ArmaPET Struct, we offer a structural foam core designed for applications with particularly stringent fire protection requirements. In a fire, ArmaPET Struct FR, with its very low smoke generation and reduced smoke toxicity, improves fire safety in terms of escape time and potential health damage.

// Halogen-free product allows for low smoke and toxicity and enhances public safety

// Exceeds the requirements of a large variety of international fire safety standards

// Superior impact resistance ensures long-term performance, fewer repairs and easy maintenance

// Sustainable PET solution, made of 100% recyclable material



ArmaPET Struct FR fire retardant versions have been designed for but are not limited to the transportation and construction sectors and are certified according to the relevant fire safety standards, including NF F16-101, DIN 5510-2, EN 13823 and EN 45545-2.

EN 45545-2

As a standalone foam, ArmaPET Struct FR complies with hazard level HL2, R1, which covers 85 to 90% of all rail applications. ArmaPET Struct FR in combination with phenolic or aluminium skins, for example, can be certified for levels up to HL3, R1.

EN 13823

SBI product classification can be influenced by the combination of density and thickness. ArmaPET Struct FR70 with a thickness of 25 mm achieves fire class D-s2,d0, whereas the same material with a thickness of 10 mm, achieves class B-s1,d0.

Calorific value

Calorific value means the amount of heat released during complete combustion. The more heat is contributed to the fire, the faster the fire spreads. Even though ArmaPET is not incombustible, its calorific value is lower than that of other materials currently on the market, which means it contributes less to the spread of a fire. For ArmaPET Struct FR150, for example, the calorific value is 23 MJ/kg.