low-density insulating foam core

ArmaPET® Eco50 insulation solution looks beyond product performance and supports energy-efficient sustainable building with improved comfort and safety.

// Reliable lifetime insulation performance

// 100% recycled material supports industry environmental directives

// Fully recyclable foam boards and cut-offs

// Prevents degradation by moisture, rodents and insects

// Robust material allows fast and easy handling

// Thickness up to 200 mm and flexible dimensions facilitate installation

// Superior compatibility with organic and mineral adhesives


ArmaPET Eco50 is our new solution for the structural insulation of building envelopes, roofs and floors, as well as for load-bearing applications such as under-slab insulation, both in the construction of new buildings and renovation of older ones. ArmaPET Eco50 is the first polymeric insulation based on 100% recycled PET, combining an outstanding environmental profile with the stringent requirements of building construction. As part of the ArmaPET Eco range, this low-density product solution is optimised for energy-efficient structural applications.



With a density of just 50 kg/m³, ArmaPET Eco50 achieves an outstanding insulating performance of 0.028 W/mK at 40°C. The excellent water resistance and closed-cell structure of the material ensures stable thermal conductivity, even after many years of operation. As these features also prevent moisture penetration, mildew and rot, they provide long-term corrosion protection while keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Beyond the thermal performance and energy efficiency, ArmaPET Eco50 provides the advantages of economy as well as environmental characteristics that are vital for sustainable construction, with a lower lifecycle cost: 

» Long-term stability of the insulation properties and low thermal conductivity secure lifetime insulation performance

» Excellent water resistance guaranties stable thermal conductivity even after many years of operation

» The closed-cell structure minimises moisture penetration to avoid mildew and rot, and ensures long-term corrosion protection and minimal maintenance requirements

» Easy to use due to low weight and full compatibility with most production methods (e.g. adhesive bonding and plastering) and all common 2-component or hot-melt adhesives

» Solvent stability provides resistance to most acids, salts and fuels

» Thermoformability and weldability allow for the most challenging contemporary architectural designs



Due to its thermoplastic nature, ArmaPET Eco50 is well-suited for thermoforming by heating to its softening point. 3D-shaped or double curved insulating panels are possible without cutting the material. It also allows the use of almost any type of decorative surface finish, such as glossy gel coatings, mosaic tiles, aluminium and stone. ArmaPET Eco50 makes it possible to meet contemporary architectural demands that would be impossible to satisfy with traditional insulating materials.



Thanks to Armacell’s patented rPET technology, ArmaPET Eco50 is based on 100% recycled PET and fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle. It contains no halogenated compounds or CFCs/HFCs that might negatively impact its disposal or recycling scenarios. Installation waste and demolition scrap management are easier than for the main competing materials, such as polystyrene, polyurethanes or polyisocyanurates. 

ArmaPET Eco50 contributes to a sensible use of plastic waste and helps to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions during the foaming process as well as in its service phase, spanning several decades.