Sharing know-how – building competencies

As the inventors of flexible foam for equipment insulation Armacell shares its extensive expertise and many years of experience with customers all over the world. By transferring background knowledge we support our partners in their daily work, thus increasing their competencies. Because know-how is knowledge applied in practice.

Sharing knowledge means multiplying knowledge.

Technical articles


Quality characteristics Part VI Costs over service life

How to ensure higher performance, longer service life and efficiency of the equipment in buildings and industry.

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Quality characteristics Part V Fast and reliable installation

Professional application is all-important in cold insulation.

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Quality characteristics Part IV Risk of CUI

When selecting an insulation material, the crucrial question is how well it can protect equipment against corrosion.

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Quality characteristics Part III Moisture penetration

ArmaFlex insulation materials very well protected against moisture absorption; Sustained high energy efficiency

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Quality characteristics Part II
Insulation in cold applications

Why does technical equipment need to be insulated? Protection against condensation and ernergy losses

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Quality characteristics Part I
Insulation is key

Enormous energysaving potential can be realized by insulating technical equipment.

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Low smoke density can mean the difference

Low smoke development makes a significant contribution to people’s safety in buildings.

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Planning technical insulation with BIM

The future belongs to BIM - Integrated planning across hte building trades

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The correct installation of ArmaFlex on bends

Stay ahead of the curve with ArmaFlex

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