Certified installer programme

At Armacell, we dedicate our business to advancing and optimising energy efficiency for equipment and to closing the loop to achieve a more sustainable use of resources. With Armacell's signature certified installer programme, we align theory with hands-on application practice to train and foster a new generation of insulation professionals who have a good understanding about the basic theory of insulation as well as best practice methods for optimum installation, to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Shorten installation time
  • Achieve professionally-finished systems with reliable performance

Installers who have passed the training will receive qualifications by Armacell, certifying their high-level of proficiency in insulation installation techniques. This time-limited, photo-identified certification ensures that customers can receive high-quality insulated systems with reliable performance.

  • Basic insulation installer training
  • Intermediate - Advanced training
  • Specialised or custom training modules

The reliability and effectiveness of an insulation system is affected by both the material as well as the installation workmanship. To this end, Armacell places significant emphasis on educating participants to be conscientious about installation quality. This includes steps such as:

  • Pre-installation planning
  • Optimal installation techniques
  • Ongoing process controls, e.g. quality control checklist