Reliability in data centres

Data centres are changing, becoming more versatile and more powerful.The growing demand for data centres with more processing power requires improved cooling strategies with better energy efficiency. Armacell‘s insulation products can take the pressure off cooling systems in this fast-paced industry.

Servers housed in data centres generate vast amounts of heat and as much as 40% of the total operational costs can be attributed to the energy expenditure for cooling systems. Insulating cooling equipment and distribution systems can help to optimise energy consumption and prevent condensation.

As electrical equipment in data centres generates vast amounts of heat, round-the-clock cooling is required to ensure optimum operating temperature ranges. Independent of the design, three important factors need to be considered when choosing the right insulation material for the cooling system.

  1. Efficient thermal insulation

    The goal of insulation is to prevent heat loss or heat gain. The selected material must be efficient in minimising energy losses from piping while refrigerant or cooling liquid is being piped to its destination.

  2. Effective condensation control

    Insulation can help to prevent condensation on pipework carrying cooling liquid or refrigerant. Dripping condensed water can lead to serious issues, especially with electrical equipment located close by. The installed insulation material should not be prone to absorbing any condensation because for every 1% of moisture gained in cellular plastic insulation material, there is an estimated loss of 3% to 5% in thermal efficiency.

  3. Dust- and fibre-free material

    Customers expect the highest quality of air cleanliness, as contaminants in a data centre can lead to components overheating, and electrical or mechanical failure of components, power supplies and circuit boards. A dust- and fibre-free insulation material, such as ArmaFlex Pro, is highly recommended in such cleanroom and mission-critical environments.

Our solutions

ArmaFlex Pro


Cleaner indoor air quality for operational reliability

ArmaFlex Class 0


For safety, efficiency and better indoor air quality.

ArmaFlex 520 adhesive


Complete your insulation system with ArmaFlex adhesive. Install it. Trust it.

Safety standards

We spend a significant amount on testing every year to supply customers with high-quality products ideal for their destination markets. Click on each image below to discover how using Armacell's compliant products provide you with a greater ease of mind

British Standards BS476 Part 7


Test method for measuring the lateral spread of flame along the surface of a test specimen.

British Standards BS476 Part 6


Method of test for providing a comparative measure of a flat material or assembly's contribution to the growth of a fire.