Technical articles


Cost over the entire service life are key

How to ensure higher performance, longer service life and efficiency of the equipment in buildings and industry.

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Fast and reliable installation

Professional application is all-important in cold insulation.

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Risk of CUI

When selecting an insulation material, the crucrial question is how well it can protect equipment against corrosion.

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Moisture penetration must be prevented

Armaflex insulation materials very well protected against moisture absorption; Sustained high energy efficiency

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Insulation in cold applications

Why does technical equipment need to be insulated?
Protection against condensation and ernergy losses

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Insulation is key
Higher ernergy efficiency

Enormous energysaving potential can be realized by insulating technical equipment.

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Low smoke density can mean the difference

Low smoke development makes a significant contribution to people’s safety in buildings.

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Planning technical insulation with BIM

The future belongs to BIM - Integrated planning across the building trades

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The correct installation of Armaflex on bends

Stay ahead of the curve with Armaflex

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