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Certified solutions for flawless protection of winemaking.
Due to the precision and complexity of winemaking, the wine sector is defined as one of the most demanding sectors in terms of quality and excellence. The slightest disturbance in the process can have disastrous consequences on the quality of the wine and therefore on the reputation of the House.


Armacell's experience in this sector leads us to position ourselves, once again, at the forefront of innovation. We have the necessary certifications to guarantee the use of our solutions in this exclusive environment.
AF/ArmaFlex is specially indicated for optimizing the thermoregulation of barrels and vats, it ensures its protection against temperature variations while mitigating the risk of corrosion. Its certification by the French organization Vectoeur (VECTOEUR certificate CA19061043 / ARMACELL June 2019 - Savigny-lès-Beaune, Côte d´Or, Burgundy) guarantees that its use does not in any way disturb the vinification or the quality of the wine.
For added safety, Arma-Chek Silver, the coated version of AF/ArmaFlex insulation solution, provides better mechanical resistance and protection against contamination. In addition, its aesthetic, aluminum-colored finish makes Arma-Chek Silver the ideal solution for Houses concerned with the challenges of wine tourism.
Armacell provides the sector with all the experience acquired to help bring to a very demanding market, tailored solutions that add value to your projects.


Your advantages with Armacell:

  • Does not disturb winemaking and does not alter the quality of the wine
  • Effective protection against temperature variations
  • Guarantee against condensation and corrosion
  • Energy savings and cost reduction

Our certified products

Arma-Chek Silver