Office Facilities


Office and multi-functional buildings have an important impact on our urban environment. With their growing functional and structural complexity, designing and managing these buildings efficiently means reducing the energy consumption without compromising the safety and comfort of occupants. 

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ArmaFlex submersed in ice


Snow, ice, gale-force winds and temperatures down to -55 °C – conditions at the Halley VI Antarctic Research Station can hardly get any tougher. Now a crack discovered along the ice-shelf means the mobile research station is to be moved 23 km across the ice.

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AF/ArmaFlex and ArmaFix AF in the Hilton Schiphol Hotel


If the hotel industry awarded stars for the insulation concept, the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Hotel would certainly have deserved a fifth star. The impressive building complex relies on the tried-and-tested combination of AF/ArmaFlex and ArmaFix AF and the insulation work was carried out under the ArmaFlex System Warranty.

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High-tech in the cleanroom


ArmaFlex Ultima in Fresenius Kabi’s new penicillin production plant in Portugal

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