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Armacell approaching landmark of 1 billion recycled PET bottles

  • High-tech foam cores made from 100% recycled PET
  • Patented process technology invented by Armacell
  • 1,000,000,000 bottles recycled since 2010

Luxembourg, Thimister, 5 March 2019 – Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, today announced that the company will reach the landmark of one billion recycled PET bottles during the course of this year. Passing this milestone is a reflection of the dynamic growth of Armacell’s PET business, the substitution of legacy materials and the increasing adoption rates of recycled PET foam core products by customers from the wind, transportation, construction and general industry.

With the launch of ArmaForm® in 2006, Armacell led the way for the long-term success of PET foam cores in the composite industry. Ever since, Armacell invested significantly in the research and development of this state-of-the-art technology, enabling the production of structural PET foam boards made from 100% post-consumer PET.

Armacell has a long track record of foaming high-quality recycled bottle-grade PET:

With our PET foam production we are looking back on a pioneering 13-year history in the composites industry. Our portfolio includes many innovative solutions, such as our PET-based foil products and 3D-particle foams. A major breakthrough was the introduction of our r-PET process technology

says Bart Janssen, Armacell’s Vice President of Engineered Foams.

In 2010, Armacell launched the world’s first foam cores made from 100% recycled PET (r-PET). Today, the company’s entire PET foam product portfolio is based on this pioneering process technology, widely recognised and supporting customers in their endeavour to increase the use of sustainable advanced composite materials. Armacell’s patented r-PET technology uses recycled PET bottles that are rejected for re-use by the PET recycling industry. Armacell converts waste material into a high-quality resource and feeds it back into the production cycle.

Commenting on the company’s granting of r-PET licences, Thomas Kessel, General Manager Armacell PET Foams, adds:

We are delighted to see other companies adopting and operating our r-PET technology. This allows higher recycling rates and a cleaner environment for all of us at the same time increasing Armacell's contribution to a greener tomorrow.