ArmaFix® Insulated Pipe Support

ArmaFix® insulated pipe support is key for a reliable, worry-free insulation system, especially for refrigeration and chilled water pipes. Insulating the entire pipework system, including the pipe hangers, ensures effective de-coupling from supporting and structural elements as well as other service installations. This also helps prevent acoustic bridging, often responsible for the majority of pipework noise within the building.

ArmaFix® is comprised of PU load-bearing inserts embedded in ArmaFlex® closed-cell insulation material and encased in a metallic outer shell. With its built-in water vapour barrier and self-adhesive closure on both sides, thermal bridging and condensation are effective prevented.

  • Quick and easy installation with secure self-adhesive closure
  • Contains Microban® anti-microbial protection
  • Single structure with small form factor allows for efficient use of small spaces