Thermal Insulation Calculator - ArmaWin

The quality of the insulation material and the installation workmanship are 2 important factors in ensuring the reliable performance of the insulation system. However, the correct selection of the appropriate insulation thickness is a critical factor that must also not be overlooked. This is because the right insulation thickness will most effectively prevent condensation and minimize energy losses.

ArmaWin is a calculation tool developed by Armacell to support specifiers, mechanical engineers and contractors. This tool can help them to precisely calculate technical values such as the following, as well as determine the optimal insulation thickness based on economic consideration.

  • surface temperature
  • condensation prevention
  • density of heat flow
  • change in temperature of flowing medium
  • change in temperature of the stationary medium
  • freezing time
  • surface heat transfer by convection and radiation

Project-related reports, which includes graphical illustrations to facilitate ease of reading, can also be saved for future use or forwarded via e-mail.