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Armacell launches new AF/ArmaFlex generation with improved fire behaviour

  • Euro class B/BL-s2,d0 for higher fire safety
  • Excellent condensation protection and high energy savings in the long term
  • Antimicrobial Microban® protection

Münster, 18 January 2021 - Armacell, a worldwide leading manufacturer of flexible insulation materials for equipment insulation and engineered foams, is launching a new AF/ArmaFlex generation: AF/ArmaFlex Evo meets fire class B/BL-s2,d0 and increases fire safety in buildings. The new elastomeric foam technology contributes to better visibility in case of fire and thus extends the time available to evacuate a building.

We spend 90 percent of our time indoors and this is where 90 percent of fires start. In the event of a fire, smoke spreads quickly through the building, limiting visibility and can block access to escape and rescue routes. AF/ArmaFlex Evo releases 50 percent less smoke than conventional flexible elastomeric foam products, giving occupants more time to exit the building and allowing rescue teams better access.

Since its market launch in 1978, AF/ArmaFlex has been continuously improved. The technical properties of the closed-cell insulation material have been constantly optimised by increasing the water vapour diffusion resistance and reducing the thermal conductivity. The better an insulation material is protected against moisture, the more reliable and energy-efficient it is. In its eighth product generation, Armacell is now launching a new AF/ArmaFlex technology that combines excellent condensation protection and high energy efficiency with increased fire safety. "AF/ArmaFlex Evo offers a clear plus in safety: long-term high moisture and corrosion protection, optimum thermal insulation properties and increased personal safety in buildings. Furthermore, the products are equipped with Microban®. These antimicrobial additives offer proactive protection against harmful bacteria, mould and mildew," explains Udo Müllers, Armacell Product Manager EMEA.

To ensure the professional application of its AF/ArmaFlex products, Armacell offers a partner programme in which trained ArmaFlex installers can be certified by Armacell and thus can receive an extended warranty of up to 10 years on AF/ArmaFlex products.