ArmaFlex RS850 Adhesive and ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 Adhesive: non-drip, high-performance adhesives made by Armacell

No drips: the gel-like consistency of the new ArmaFlex adhesives allows them to be applied evenly, neatly and economically (Photo Armacell)

Münster, 19 December 2012 – The new generation of ArmaFlex RS850 adhesives set new standards in the installation of elastomeric insulation materials. The non-drip, high-performance adhesives can be applied more quickly and cleanly than standard products. These thixotropic, gel-like adhesives are not stirred and have high viscosity. As they only release minimal quantities of solvents when idle, the ArmaFlex RS850 adhesives are particularly suitable for installations in workshops and confined spaces. The one-component adhesives can be used for service temperatures between -40 and +70 °C. Compared to standard products, they also have an extended shelf-life and can be stored for 3 years (ArmaFlex RS850 Adhesive) and 15 months (ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 Adhesive) respectively.

While the ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 Adhesive has been specially developed for installing ArmaFlex Ultima and other insulation materials based on Armaprene® synthetic rubber, all other ArmaFlex products (except HT/ArmaFlex) can be installed using the ArmaFlex RS850 Adhesive. The new ArmaFlex adhesives are the result of intense research and development work and have been subjected to numerous application tests. They are the perfect addition to the range of tried-and-tested ArmaFlex 520 and ArmaFlex HT625 adhesives. The ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 Adhesive met with great success when it was first presented at the ISO ’12, the key European trade fair for insulation technology in Cologne. Both products will be available from specialist wholesalers at the end of the year.

The distinctive benefits of elastomeric insulation materials lie not only in their good technical properties; due to their high flexibility and ease of installation they are also particularly user friendly. When installing these insulation materials, proper adhesion plays a decisive role. In order to increase reliability and quality in the field of insulation, Armacell has been investing in initial and further training for insulators for decades and, in addition, regularly provides professional installers with innovative product solutions which drive the sector forward.


Field tests on the ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 Adhesive: ‘Drip-free adhesive allows fast and clean installation’

Schmengler Dämmtechnik from Havixbeck (Germany) had the opportunity to field test the new ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 Adhesive before it was launched. Here are Managing Director Christian Bäumer’s conclusions: ‘In our company we have been installing ArmaFlex for many years and up to now have used the ArmaFlex 520 Adhesive. To tie in with the launch of ArmaFlex Ultima, Armacell now offers a completely new adhesive. Not only the blue colour of ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 distinguishes it from the standard adhesive; the product also has a completely different consistency. Unlike the ArmaFlex 520 Adhesive, ArmaFlex Ultima RS850 is not a liquid but a gel. This has the advantage that the new adhesive does not drip and there is very little odour. In spite of its firmer consistency, it can be applied very easily using a brush and joining the seams does not require any greater effort. We have tested the adhesion on various surfaces and are very satisfied with the results. This new adhesive is ideal particularly for installations in confined spaces where odour as a result of solvent evaporation can be unpleasant. It’s great that Armacell now also offers a non-drip adhesive for installing other ArmaFlex products!’

Christian Bäumer
Christian Bäumer, Managing Director of Schmengler Dämmtechnik, a German insulation contractor based in Havixbeck
Field test
Field test
Field test
Field test