Healthcare Facilities



Healthcare facilities have strict requirements to ensure patients benefit from the best medical care possible. Armacell’s best in class equipment insulation solutions save energy and minimise maintenance or repairs. Our thermal, acoustic and fire protection solutions contribute towards a safer and more comfortable environment for patients and caregivers. Armacell solutions are used all over the world to offer trusted operations where downtime is not an option. 


When planning HVAC systems for healthcare facilities, always consider creating a safe environment for patients and caregivers. Equipment insulation requirements include hygiene, reliability, safety and energy efficiency issues.


In partnership with Armacell, hospitals and healthcare facilities can strive for top-notch indoor air quality.

Healthcare facilities have strict hygiene requirements to ensure patients benefit from the best medical care possible. However, healthcare-associated infections, the most frequent adverse event in healthcare, can lead to complications and even prolonged illness. According to the WHO, five to thirty percent of patients develop one or more infections during a stay in hospital – a  significant proportion of which could be avoided. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) may lead to hospital-acquired infections, sick hospital syndrome and various occupational hazards. Excess moisture in combination with dust and dirt particles provides an ideal breeding ground for microbial growth. Hospitals and nursing homes provide ideal conditions for legionella infections: patients or residents are unusually susceptible to infection, the plumbing systems are frequently complex, allowing bacteria to multiply.


Armacell is the only manufacturer of flexible technical insulation materials to provide its premium products with built-in antimicrobial protection: AF/ArmaFlex is equipped with Microban®. These antimicrobial additives provide ‘proactive’ protection against harmful bacteria, mould and mildew.