NH/ArmaFlex Smart C. Another step beyond.



Pre-covered halogen-free insulation sheets with enhanced fire behavior.


With our new NH/ArmaFlex Smart C, we are now for the first-time offering halogen-free, flame-retardant and low-smoke insulation sheets. The pre-covered sheets offer high mechanical protection and are easy to clean. While unlaminated halogenfree insulation boards only achieve an E classification, we now offer with NH/ArmaFlex Smart C
a flame-retardant material for the insulation of air ducts, tanks and larger pipe diameters,
thus expanding the application range of our halogen-free products.

              FLEXIBLE 2-IN-1           

NH/ArmaFlex Smart C is our latest addition to our halogen-free product portfolio. Especially engineered for the insulation of airducts and tanks, the pre-covered material offers a high level of protection against mechanical impact and is easy to clean. Unlike traditional insulation
materials and jackets, the pre-covered sheets can be applied cost-efficiently in a single step. The flexible covering consists of a fibreglass fabric that is laminated with black aluminium.

                 SPACE-SAVING INSULATION    

Compared to an insulation material with a traditional aluminium cover, the black NH/ArmaFlex Smart C lamination allows space-saving installation: as the black surface is highly absorptive, thinner insulation thicknesses can be specified. A black material absorbs much less heat energy than a silver-coloured one. This has an extremely positive impact on the insulation thickness: the higher the absorptiveness, the smaller the insulation thickness needed to prevent condensation.






  1. Black Aluminium

  2. Glass Fibre 

  3. Aluminium Layer

  4. NH/Armalex Smart

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