ArmaFlex complies with JIS A9516.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced the release of a new Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) for flexible elastomeric foam insulation (JIS A9516). The new standard drafted with support from Armacell aims to provide an objective evaluation of the quality of this thermal insulation material for use in plumbing and HVAC&R applications in destination markets such as commercial and residential buildings, industrial facilities and transport applications. ArmaFlex is a renowed flexible elastomeric foam insulation and Armacell Japan is pleased to confirm that its ArmaFlex product range including ArmaFlex Airduct, ArmaFlex Class 0 and ArmaFlex Class 1 are compliant with JIS A9516.

Support for Architects and Specifiers


Providing mechanical engineers and architects with the right tools for the selection of the ideal insulation material for durability and energy efficiency.

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Partnership for Wholesaler


Providing distributors and wholesalers with the product knowledge and information to support their business needs.

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Professional Insulation for Installer


Providing contractors and installers the right skills and tools for high-quality workmanship. 

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