ArmaFlex® Adhesives

ArmaFlex® 520

Specially formulated for the uniform and safe seam bonding of ArmaFlex® insulation materials, ArmaFlex® 520 is a quick-drying contact adhesive for the joining of seams and butt joints in elastomeric pipe and sheet insulation. It is low viscosity for ease of use. When applied to clean prepared surfaces, and fully cured, it maintains high-resistance to water vapour.

  • Easy application
  • Fast drying of the seams
  • Specially formulated for ArmaFlex® insulation
  • Ensures reliable vapour-tight joints
  • For operating temperatures up to +105°C
  • One-component industrial adhesive
  • Low viscosity, air-drying adhesive

ArmaFlex® 520 BLV

ArmaFlex® 520 BLV is a low-VOC contact adhesive developed to meet application requirements for reduced emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds. It is excellent for joining seams and butt joints of ArmaFlex pipe and sheet insulation for line temperatures up to 200°F (93°C).

520 BLV Adhesive makes a resilient and heat-resistant bond with many materials where the use of a toluene-free, hexane-free, low-VOC, solvent-based rubber contact adhesive is required. Its black color helps achieve a neater, cleaner installation.


ArmaFlex® 820

ArmaFlex® 820 is a low viscosity adhesive used within the service temperature range of - 50°C to + 60°C. It is specially formulated to create uniform and safe bonding of seams and butt joints and for adhering ArmaFlex® to cleaned metal surfaces.


ArmaFlex® HT625

ArmaFlex® HT625 is a one-component adhesive which has been developed to bond ArmaFlex® insulation applied on high temperature lines. Especially well matched with HT/ArmaFlex®, it guarantees a homogeneous and safe bonding at joints and seams.

  • Specially formulated for wide range of temperatures and applications
  • Easy application
  • Superior, water-tight bonding of HT/ArmaFlex® and ArmaFlex® DuoSolar insulation systems
  • For operating temperatures up to +150°C
  • High performance, one-component industrial-grade adhesive
  • Low-viscosity air-drying contact adhesive

ArmaFlex® Gluemaster

The "Gluemaster gun" is an excellent tool that greatly speeds the application of adhesive and minimises any mess from the over-application that normally occurs with brushes. This tool is comprised of a small storage reservoir, a trigger to deliver the glue, and a circle of bristles fitted around the delivery nozzle. Spare bristles are available in two different sizes.

Quick-drying ArmaFlex® 520 contact adhesive for the uniform and safe seam bonding of ArmaFlex® insulation materials.
Low viscosity ArmaFlex® 820 adhesive
HT625 Adhesive and ArmaFlex® Gluemaster
HT625 Adhesive and ArmaFlex® Gluemaster