Exploring the future today - moon habitant mission


In 2020 SAGA Architects and Armacell set up a moon mission in Arctic Greenland – a practical test of how to make space liveable for future travellers. ArmaFlex Ultima was the only flexible insulation material to meet the SAGA's design requirements and Greenland’s shelter regulations.

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Increased fire safety in the new Tergooi hospital with ArmaFlex Ultima


Fire safety is essential in healthcare facilities. In the new Tergooi hospital in Hilversum, low-smoke ArmaFlex Ultima and ArmaFix™ Ultima were installed on the chilled-water equipment of the air-conditioning system to ensure condensation control, energy efficiency and people safety.

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Fischer Kälte-Klima relies on the new safety standard in insulation technology - ArmaFlex Ultima

© Fischer Kälte-Klima

When safety, energy efficiency and a healthy indoor climate are the top priorities in construction projects, ArmaFlex Ultima is the obvious choice for equipment insulation. At its new company headquarters in Kernen (Germany), the specialist wholesaler Fischer Kälte-Klima relies on the new safety standard in insulation technology.

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ArmaSound Industrial Systems in one of Europe’s largest cavern storage facilities


Thermal-acoustic insulation of installations at the new gas processing plant in Etzel (Germany); reliable protection against corrosion under insulation (CUI)

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Replacing failed low-temperature insulation with ArmaFlex Cryogenic Systems


Maximum functional reliability and high cost effectiveness

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When perfect room acoustics are essential: ArmaSound used in Deutschen Welle's state-of-the-art TV studio


Elimination of unwanted extraneous noise using ArmaSound RD; Simple and neat installation

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Arma-Chek Silver in the world’s largest lyocell plant


Austrian Vöcklabruck district is the site of Europe’s biggest ever Arma-Chek project

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ArmaFlex Ultima in the state-of-the-art Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicle Centre Weser Ems


In a fire low smoke density decisive for the safety of people in buildings

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ArmaFlex Ultima in Scandinavia’s first clinic for proton therapy


New safety standard in technical insulation

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