ArmaFix AF


ArmaFix AF

Special Features

  • Secure Euroclass B/ BL, s3-d0 and high resistance to Water Vapour Transmission (μ 10.000) when used with AF/ArmaFlex
  • High mechanical resistance for lower quantiy of pipe hangers per installation
  • Less items in stock, more pipe sizes fitted
  • Easy bonding thanks to self-adhesive closure
  • Built-in vapour barrier prevents thermal bridging and reduces risk of condensation
  • Matching clamps presented in convenient combi-pack

ArmaFix pipe supports are recommended for use where thermal bridging may occur. This is particularly important on refrigeration and chilled water pipes where there is a possibility of condensation taking place, between the pipe and its fixing. In heating installations the use of pipe supports will generally improve energy conservation.

Insulating the entire pipework system – inclusive pipe hangers - ensures effective de-coupling from supporting and structural elements as well as other service installations. This prevents acoustic bridging, often responsible for the majority of pipework noise within the building.