AF/ArmaFlex Evo



History meeting the future through generations. That’s what AF/ArmaFlex stands for. For more than 40 years. We strive for perfection so you can benefit from the best ArmaFlex experience. Now it’s time to discover the new generation in elastomeric insulation.

B/BL-s2,d0 for a higher fire safety

AF/ArmaFlex Evo extends the evacuation time and enhances visibility in a building fire.

The new AF/ArmaFlex experience

We’ve done it again. Since its launch in 1978, we have continuously improved our AF/ArmaFlex premium solution. Over the last four decades we have enhanced the technical properties of this closed-cell foam by increasing the water vapour resistance and reducing the thermal conductivity. The better insulation is protected against humidity, the more reliable and energy-efficient it is.


Today, in its 8th product generation, we present a new AF/ArmaFlex technology that combines excellent condensation control and energy efficiency with advanced fire safety. The new B/BL-s2,d0 product provides highest insulation reliability and contributes to the overall safety in buildings


“AF/ArmaFlex isn’t just any black tube or sheet. When we insulate our customers’ mechanical equipment we make sure  to use the best product in the market:  AF/ArmaFlex. An investment that pays off. For us and for our customers.  Now we can help to make people’s homes even safer. AF/ArmaFlex Evo  releases 50 percent less smoke in case of fire.”



Udo Dohlen
Owner and managing director of Dohlen Isoliertechnik
Stolberg (Germany)


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