Office Facilities


Office and multi-functional buildings have an important impact on our urban environment. With their growing functional and structural complexity, designing and managing these buildings efficiently means reducing the energy consumption without compromising the safety and comfort of occupants. Armacell’s best in class equipment insulation solutions save energy, help to cut operating costs and contribute towards a safer and more comfortable environment in offices.

Creating sustainable value for your customers.

Almost 20 percent of total expenditure for typical office buildings is spent on energy. A significant operational cost that deserves attention.

Insulating mechanical equipment is one of the simplest and most efficient measures to save energy in buildings.


Architects, building developers and engineers have recognised the link between buildings and occupants’ health, and are designing places where workers are more productive, less stressed and less likely to fall sick. 

Balancing energy-efficiency and office experience is critical when creating optimal working spaces. When specifying insulation materials, objectives for acoustic comfort, reliable operation, hygiene and indoor air requirements as well as fire safety have to be taken into account. Post-pandemic office design will have to put hygiene at the heart of workplace planning.

Our solutions - your benefits


Tapping the significant potential for energy savings in new and existing office buildings brings benefits in terms of lower energy costs and decreased CO2  emissions.


ArmaFlex is a closed-cell insulation with a high resistance to water vapour transmission. Equipment is reliably protected against condensation and energy losses throughout its service life.


We offer comprehensive solutions for enhanced sound control on mechanical equipment and structural building elements. Our systems provide an effective means of sound absorption or damping, and acoustic improvements can often be combined with the required thermal insulation.


Armacell is the only manufacturer of flexible technical insulation materials to provide its premium products with built-in antimicrobial protection: AF/ArmaFlex, AF/ArmaFlex Evo ,SH/ArmaFlex are equipped with Microban®. These antimicrobial additives provide ‘proactive’ protection against harmful bacteria, mould and mildew.


At Armacell, safety comes first and maximum reliability is crucial. Our systems increase the fire safety in buildings. By mitigating the fire and smoke risk, they improve visibility and respiration, thus extending the time to safely evacuate a building in the event of a fire.