Save time and money with ArmaFlex installation tips

Known for its highly flexible nature, our ArmaFlex® insulation materials can be installed easily and neatly on HVAC equipment such as pipes, valves and reducers. With the correct installation techniques, you can save on time and reduce wastage. Discover how by clicking on the pages or watching our demonstration videos. 



Save time and money by installing it right. Review some of these hints about installing ArmaFlex tube insulation along pipe bends.

Watch a video to learn how to install ArmaFlex elastomeric foam tubes on a 45 or 90 degree bend

Learn from our application expert in this video on how you can cut ArmaFlex tubes, our flexible elastomeric foam material, to fit on 90° bends.

How to install ArmaFlex on a 90 degree pipe using a 2 piece bend

Ready to try out cutting ArmaFlex tubes into 2 or 3 middle parts for a 90° segment bend? Our application expert demonstrates the steps in this video

Watch our video on installing ArmaFlex sheet on a 90 degree bend for a larger pipe

Have a large pipe that needs to be insulated? We recommend using our ArmaFlex sheets to create the 90° bend. Watch our application expert demonstrates this in this video.