Resource for mechanical-insulation installers

Armacell understands that installing AF/ArmaFlex elastomeric foam involves a different set of skills than hanging fiberglass batts.  That’s why we developed the Armacell Qualification Program, which provides expert instruction in the installation of elastomeric closed-cell foam.

The Advanced Insulation business develops flexible insulation foam products for the insulation of mechanical equipment in markets where energy distribution is required, such as in commercial and residential construction, industrial applications, and the oil and gas industry.

The main end markets and applications for the group’s Advanced Insulation businesses include:

  • Equipment for commercial construction
  • Equipment for residential
  • Light and heavy industry
  • Transportation

Application Trainings


We train installers and trainees application-oriented and offer valuable assistance for your daily work. We certifiy a successful participation with a certificate, which is recognised in the industry.

To expand our training program we have our own training center with excellent facilities in Münster.

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Our Productrange


Insulation is the key to increased energy efficiency — in commercial and residential buildings, in industrial applications and in the oil and gas industry. When energy is generated, transported or stored, part of the valuable resource gets lost when the equipment is not or is poorly insulated.

Did you know that buildings are the single largest user of energy in the world? The energy used to heat, cool and light our buildings accounts for more than 40% of all CO2 emissions. Up to 25% of this energy could be saved just by insulating accessible heating and hot-water pipes in old buildings.

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ArmWin - Insulation Thickness Calculator


ArmWin - Armacell’s professional insulation thickness calculator. To calculate the insulation thickness it is necessary to know or define the line and ambient temperatures and the relative humidity and to determine the thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient of both the insulation and the object (pipe / duct etc.) to be insulated. These calculations can be made much more easily using ArmWin.

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