Safety and reliability on the move

System solutions for insulation in transportation

Air conditioning has also become a matter of course in the field of transportation: both rail and road vehicles are equipped with these systems today. But construction materials for use in this field have to meet highly specific requirements for quality and safety. After all, situations like a fire breaking out in a vehicle can quickly put human lives in danger.

Closed-cell elastomeric insulation materials from Armacell feature low thermal conductivity and high water vapour diffusion resistance – and thus meet the typical requirements in the field of transportation. Armacell offers special non-halogenated products for these heightened fire safety requirements. Thanks to their high flexibility and favourable processing properties, all Armacell insulation materials are also the first choice in tight installation situations.

Your advantages with Armacell:

  • High-performance professional system solutions
  • Experience from a large number of reference projects
  • Energy savings and cost reduction
  • Compliance with specific fire protection regulations