ArmaFix EcoLight made by Armacell: Insulation pipe support with environmentally-friendly PET core

Fast and simple thermal isolation of the pipe for standard applications

Chapel Hill, NC, July 12, 2018 With ArmaFix® EcoLight Armacell presents a new insulation pipe support to prevent thermal bridging in the sensitive area of the pipe bracket. ArmaFix EcoLight thermally isolates the pipe from its fixing point and protects equipment against condensation and energy losses. The lightweight pipe support with innovative PET load-bearing core can be installed simply, quickly and neatly.

Pipe support brackets are a potential trouble spot for pipe insulation applications. If the insulation is crushed by the pipe hanger, thermal bridges will occur and condensation forms. Armacell’s new ArmaFix EcoLight pipe support solutions protect the insulation from being crushed or damaged, maintaining the thermal integrity of the system.

 Advantages of the system

  • Prevents thermal bridging
  • Matches Armacell insulation sizes
  • Self-sealing, fast and easy to install
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • PET core with 100% post-consumer recycled content
  • Designed for use with ArmaFlex® pipe insulation

Strengthen the weakest link in the chain

In typical pipe hanger applications, the pipe is not thermally isolated from the pipe bracket causing thermal bridges to occur and condensation to form. This leads to increased energy losses and a higher risk of corrosion and expensive secondary damage. ArmaFix EcoLight thermally isolates the pipe and bracket from each other. Together with the adjoining ArmaFlex material it forms an insulation system with long-term reliability. The pipe support consists of a load-bearing 100% recycled PET core sandwiched by flexible ArmaFlex foam. The closed-cell elastomeric insulation material with a high resistance to water-vapor transmission and low thermal conductivity provides reliable thermal protection and condensation control. The load-bearing elements ensure that the flexible insulation material is not compressed by the weight of the pipe compromising the insulation capacity.