Dedicated to healthcare

Healthcare facilities have strict requirements to ensure patients benefit from the best medical care possible. Armacell's flexible equipment insulation helps to increase energy efficiency and contributes towards a safer and more comfortable environment for patients and healthcare workers. Our solutions are used all over the world, to offer trusted operations where downtime is not an option.

Our solutions

ArmaFlex Class 0


For safety, efficiency and better indoor air quality.

ArmaFlex Class 1


Engineered to prevent condensation.



For a quieter, more comfortable environment.

ArmaFix FRV


Insulated pipe support for refrigerant pipework.

ArmaFlex 520 adhesive


Complete your insulation system with ArmaFlex adhesive. Install it. Trust it.

Safety standards

We spend a significant amount on testing every year to supply customers with high-quality products ideal for their destination markets. Click on each image below to discover how using Armacell's compliant products provide you with a greater ease of mind

British Standards BS476 Part 7


Test method for measuring the lateral spread of flame along the surface of a test specimen.

British Standards BS476 Part 6


Method of test for providing a comparative measure of a flat material or assembly's contribution to the growth of a fire.

FM Approval


FM 4924 standard is an approval requirement for insulation material used on the exterior of non-combustible pipes or ducts.