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The ArmaFlex Toolbox: Tools for insulation professionals from Armacell

The ArmaFlex Toolbox – Tools for professional insulators (Photo: Armacell)

Münster, 08 October 2015. – This is what insulators have been waiting for: Armacell now provides all the tools and aids needed to install ArmaFlex professionally in a lightweight, yet robust, aluminium case. With the high-quality tools for measuring, cutting and gluing elastomeric insulation materials insulators are well-equipped for all fields of application.

Complete, well organized, robust and light
Professional workmanship requires professional tools. That is true for every trade. Especially for the installation of ArmaFlex insulation materials, Armacell now offers high-quality tools made by well-known manufacturers which can be used to achieve optimal solutions in all fields of application. At the heart of the ArmaFlex Toolbox are four different knives which complement each other perfectly to fulfil very diverse requirements. In addition to the sharpening stone for the knives, the case also contains a tool for re-sharpening the copper pipe ends, which insulators use for fabricating fitting covers for branch pipes and T-pieces. A further practical implement is the bow com-pass, which was adapted for use with silver-ink marker pens to draw on ArmaFlex insulation materials.

Everything in its place!
On the building site work processes have to run quickly, smoothly and safely. With this in mind, the Armacell application specialists in cooperation with insulators have developed a toolbox which contains all the tools needed, even for applications where many different pieces have to be cut out of sheet material. As a partner of the trade, Armacell also supports insulation contractors in installing its products. In addition to an extensive range of accessories and aids such as application manuals and installation videos, the insulation manufacturer also holds numerous courses and workshops throughout Europe. Because high-quality products are the pre-requisite for long-lasting insulation systems, but the system is only perfect when it is installed professionally.

Tip: The ArmaFlex Toolbox is presented in a video on YouTube. And Armacell is marking the launch with a competition to win one of five toolboxes at www.armacell.de/competition .