Accoustic Applications

Audibly greater comfort

Sound control solutions for mechanical equipment in buildings and industrial environments

Comfortable room acoustics is a decisive factor in successful building planning. Nowadays, tenants and buyers of high quality houses and apartments expect enhanced sound control. At the same time, disturbance from ambient noises such as flowing water, running washing machines or roller blinds is on the increase. The higher the noise level, the greater the detriment to  occupants’ health. 

Armacell’s effective and versatile acoustic solutions have been specially developed for applications in building construction, HVAC and industrial environments. Our comprehensive range of products for enhanced sound control enables you to satisfy today’s demands for a healthy and comfortable living environment quickly and easily. The self-adhesive multi-layered products from Armacell are optimally designed to meet the demanding requirements in the construction industry.

Your advantages with Armacell:

  • Customized solutions for construction and industrial applications
  • Excellent sound control with low material thicknesses
  • Water-repellent materials, no moisture absorption
  • Simple installation without the need for special tools